The Bollinger Bands Trading Strategy Guide

To this point, we applied bands to the Proshares VIX Short-Term Futures to see if there were any clues before the major price movement discussed in Chapter 5 in late January/early February 2018. I want to dig into the E-Mini because the rule of thumb is that the smart money will move the futures market which in turn drives the cash market. As a trader, you need to separate the idea of a low reading with the Bollinger Bands width indicator with the decrease in price. Losing should never be your goal, but what I mean is that you shouldn’t risk your home or life savings trading cryptocurrencies. I honestly find it hard to determine when bitcoin is going to take a turn looking at the bands.

We will also focus on integrating price action analysis to augment the approach. To practice the Bollinger Bands trading strategies detailed in this article, please visit our homepage at Learn to master one strategy before attempting to tackle them all.

Bollinger Bands Bounce Trading Strategy

It can similarly serve for both breakout and reversal trades. Although Bollinger Bands can alert you to potential breakout trades, margin of safety equation it doesn’t tell you the direction of the breakout. The markets move from a period of high volatility to low volatility .

Slippage and commissions are not considered in the return calculation. The Double Bollinger Band® Strategy makes use of two Bollinger Bands®in order to filter entries and exitsin the forex market. The strategy aims to enter long trades when price breaks above one standard deviation. The strategy can be applied to ranging markets, as a breakout strategy or when assessing cme holiday schedule the momentum/slowdown of an existing trend. During flat markets, the upper and lower Bollinger Bands tend to hover very close to the SMA. Because of this, reading the Bollinger Bands doesn’t provide too much trend analysis insight during sideways price action. Once volatility increases, the lines, and price start moving again, which can help with trend analysis again.

Bollinger Bands Calculation

While it’s not technically part of the indicator, let’s start off by making a line chart using the closing prices. At this point, you might notice that while the negative signs are cancelled, we magnified the positive deviations. In other words, we don’t have a standard forex trading for beginners pdf deviation, we have an average squared deviation. In other words, the standard deviation is the measurement of volatility, which, in turn, is used to measure the riskiness of an investment. The standard deviation shows how an asset’s price differs from the mean value.

What is Bollinger Band Breakout?

The opposite of “Playing the Bands” and betting on reversion to the mean is called Playing Bollinger Band breakouts. Breakouts occur after a period of consolidation, when price closes outside of the Bollinger Bands.

Its basic form includes two swing lows around the same price level. For those of us who are used to OHLC charts , it’s easy to feel insecure at first. But as you’ll see, focusing on the closing price increases the clarity of your analysis. Click here to learn more about this popular chart pattern before proceeding. I like to use them on almost all of the currency pairs except for the ones that are extremely range-bound, because sometimes you have a nice tight range where the Bollinger bands are useless. Settle on a market you want to master (i.e., futures, equities, forex).

Learn Forex Trading

The following are a few trading strategies which can be used keeping the Bollinger bands at the centre of it all. In a similar manner, instead of a 5-day moving average, for Bollinger bands, we use the 20-day moving average.

But remember, since volatility is mean-reverting, the bands will probably expand, signaling a potential for an explosive move. A simple way to spot a squeeze is to identify when the bands are the narrowest they have been for the last six months. Invented in 1983 by John Bollinger, they’re designed to help traders evaluate price action and a stock’s volatility.

Using Double Bollinger Bands Strategy To Trade Forex Pdf

If that wasn’t enough to convince you, then the second break above the 8-month swing high of the Bollinger Bandwidth was your second sign. In the above example, the volatility of the E-Mini had two breakouts prior to price peaking.

double bollinger bands trading strategy

If the price spring off the lower band and breaks the 20 SMA up, we get a strong long signal. The example below takes a look at the same EUR/GBP chart after the breakout where the currency pair began trending. Price broke above the upper band of the single standard deviation and even breached the upper band of the uppermost line – representing two standard deviations.

Visualizing The Bollinger Bands®

You must be quick on your toes and willing to cut a loser without blinking. I have forex for dummies pdf been a breakout trader for years and let me tell you that most breakouts fail.

double bollinger bands trading strategy

If the currency pair rises to the upper Bollinger Band, it might be overbought because the move extended to an extreme double bollinger bands trading strategy level and a consolidation may occur. Similarly, the idea is the same when it drops to the lower Bollinger Band.

Bollinger Bands Trading Strategy

You can then sell the position on a test of the upper band. If you have an appetite for risk, you can ride the bands to determine where to exit the position. There are many different ways on how to trade Bollinger Bands from trend continuation to reversal, range trading, volatility breakouts or swing trading and day trading. This lesson reviews Rule 4 of the DBB trading strategy rules. A Keltner Channel is a set of bands placed above and below an asset’s price. The bands are based on volatility and can aid in determining trend direction and provide trade signals. Bollinger Bands can also be prone to providing false signals.

double bollinger bands trading strategy

The lower band can still be used as an exit if desired, but a new long position is not opened since that would mean going against the trend. In range-bound markets, mean reversion strategies can work well, as prices travel between the two bands like a bouncing ball. However, Bollinger Bands® don’t always give accurate buy and sell signals. During a strong trend, for example, the trader best forex books runs the risk of placing trades on the wrong side of the move because the indicator can flash overbought or oversold signals too soon. Stochastic indicators are another well-known technical analysis tool. Like Bollinger Bands, Stochastic indicators can help traders identify overbought and oversold levels. When Bollinger Bands are applied to a chart, the trader will see three lines.

Trading Examples

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