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I heard about PIPC Corporation from my friend Derrick Santos during an informal gathering sometime in March 2006. He said that the investments in PIPC Corporation generated a return of 18-20% p.a. He then gave me the number of his sister, Oudine Santos who worked cryptocurrency for PIPC Philippines to discuss the investment further. If you finished watching the video, two recent scam corporations flagged by the SEC are mentioned. Check theofficial SEC advisorywarning investors and would-be investors of dealing with the said companies.

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  • I am also an investor and I invested almost a million pesos.
  • “The Department of Finance wishes to alert the public about a fraudulent Facebook page pretending to be the DOF,” a DOF statement read.
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  • Neither can I be liable of forming a syndicate with respect to PIPC- BVI. To reiterate, at no time was I ever a stockholder, director, employee, officer or agent of PIPC-BVI.
  • praying that SEC would help him on this matter, issue whatever is needed to unfreeze his bank accounts.

An examination of the records and the evidence submitted by the parties, we have observed that all respondents are investors of PIPC-BVI, same with the private complainants, they also lost thousands of dollars. We also noted the fact that forex news most of the private complainants and alleged brokers or agents are long time friends if not blood related individuals. Notably also is the fact that most of them are highly educated businessmen/businesswomen who are financially well-off.

Hence, they are regarded to be wiser and more prudent and expected to exercise due diligence of a good father of a family in managing their finances as compared to those who are less fortunate in life. Based on the above provision of the law, complainant SEC is now accusing all respondents for violating the same when they allegedly sold and/or offered for sale unregistered securities. Further, I have been advised by counsel that conspiracy must be established by positive and conclusive evidence.

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Ayaw lang pumayag ng current investors na “sinisiraan” ang program nila kasi tingin nila e yung negative publicity ang magpapabagsak sa program. These guys don’t care about other people, their only goal is to get as much profit as possible. They don’t care if other people who joined in don’t know what they are investing in, as long as they make a profit out of someone else’s misery.

I almost would have invested this 15th but after reading what’s going on right now in Pagadian, I am grateful I haven’t started yet. Yes, truly it is so enticing to invest in AMAN given that your money will double in just a month…I just feel sorry for those investors who put in so much money and were not able to get them back, to think that some of them came from loans. That is why I don’t lose hope even the hope is very small. Anyway, as I saw that list, I assume its not yet end for Aman. SEC may or may not grant Aman’s request for secondary permit to release the money to the investors as I have seen in news in the net. Aman Futures Group Phils, Inc. is officially registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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i also against aman investment but dont judge them by calling them unbelievers, its not the right place. im not against your idea its right, but your response is wrong. Hi Arlene, thank you for leaving a comment and for the positive attitude. I’m sure a lot of people would want and hope for the best na mabayaran lahat especially those who really don’t have much in life.

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… It was not immediately clear whether Aman Futures has enough funds to meet its obligations to investors. MANILA, Philippines—The Securities and Exchange Commission has uncovered a P244-million “double-your-money” scam perpetrated by a Pasay-based trading firm Aman Futures Group Phils. Inc. that allegedly victimized investors—especially low-income earners—in Pagadian City and other parts of Visayas and Mindanao. The bank CSR can inform you of the account standing but will tell you that it’s not an assurance that when your check due date comes, the standing of the account will remain the same. The CSR is not violating any banking law by confirming standing of the account when you call. I know because I’ve worked in a major bank in the Philippines before.

@all Who Received Post Dated Checks From Aman:

, Accelerate digestion for quicker fat breakdown () It Works Fat Fighter Pills Reviews Sculpt uses a mix of stimulants, including caffeine, acetyl-L-carnitine and neurofactor coffee fruit extract to increase your energy, improve metabolism and reduce cravings. The product also pills that cause weight loss contains corsolic acid from banaba leaf, which helps enhance sensitivity to blood glucose and carbs. What is palpable from the foregoing is that Sy and Lorenzo did not go directly world currencies to Liew or any of PIPC Corporation’s and/or PIPC-BVI’s principal officers before making their investment or renewing their prior investment. However, undeniably, Santos actively recruited and referred possible investors to PIPC Corporation and/or PIPC-BVI and acted as the go-between on behalf of PIPC Corporation and/or PIPC-BVI. These printed/prepared handouts contain the assurances or guarantees of PIPC-BVI and the instructions on where and how to deposit the investors’ money.

LexaTrade courses scam

When the scheme was busted during an entrapment operation by the NBI, it was discovered that FrancSwiss deceived investors to the tune of P1 billion. Among the victims were politicians, showbiz personalities, OFWs, generals and retirees. Like the scams that rocked the world, the Philippines has its own version of scams that duped even the most sophisticated of people. The sad fact is that educated ones fell prey to sweet talkers to the point that their guards were down and greed set in .

The individuals behind these scams are persons who are ‘believable’, have lots of credibility and can sweet talk their way so you will let go of your hard earned money. They will need to convince the initial investors or 1st investors to infuse capital on their ‘businesses’. I could be wrong of course since I am not a licensed foreign exchange trader nor do I know much about the intricacies of investing. But I have thought long and hard on this and draw on whatever I’ve learn from school and life experiences. scammed by lexatrade And this led me to agree with everyone else who is saying on iStorya that this Aman Investment in Pagadian has lots of similarity to Ponzi scheme. Securities shall not be sold or offered for sale or distribution within the Philippines, without a registration statement duly filed with and approved by the Commission. Prior to such sale, information on the securities in such form and with such substance as the Commission may prescribe, shall be made available to each prospective purchaser.

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However, a person may be considered as an agent of another, juridical or natural person, if it can be inferred that he or she acts as an agent of his or her principal as above-defined. One can also be lexatrade an investor and agent at the same time. Just as the FrancSwiss scam was on the wane, another scam replaced the financial sector involving a Singaporean and hundreds of wealthy Filipino investors.

LexaTrade courses scam

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peoples action not to sue aman is understandable hoping they can have their money back. SEC can run after aman once the people are settled, i mean they have their money back at least their capital. how can aman give the peoples money back if hes’ behind bars? if he cannot moved bacause of all the pressure.

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At for Mr. AMAN hiding will not make him any good… he will become a long time fugitive but if his intention is really good as what he declare before, then he must resume and face the people. That’s also a sad thing because even if the handlers knew that the “business” has already collapsed, they are still receiving money from desperate investors like what happen in mis occ. I’m not sure if there is remittance to aman or the money was at the handler’s keeping.

This was realized with the birth of happy-haus Donuts, a franchising business, giving not only quality products at affordable price but also formulating a superb business opportunity to Filipino families. About SEC, SEC has dispelled the rumors of SEC secondary permit approval last October 16 and newspapers have taken this up and published said SEC statements refuting this approval claim. You can visit the links listed on the last section of the post. So if the info you heard about SEC approval is last Friday October 12, then it is not true, as the fresher news is October 17. I got an info pala ha through Pagadian FM radio station that the Mayor allegedly got SEC license for AMAN to operate just last Friday, but they couldn’t find AMAN, but I,ve heard from a source that he was at the custody of CIDG Manila . There’s no reason for him to hide na, its best that he will cooperate with mayor na because kawawa ang family of the likes of Mr. Luna and others na kababayan natin, that managed the business, di maiwasan magalit sa kanila mga tao.

hi adelle, are they still recruiting in your place? Dapat hindi na as SEC have an existing Cease and Desist Order against Aman. The order covers the entire country, no exception, which means bawal sila to accept new investments or recruit new investors as long as the CDO is in effect.

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