Aashirvaad Atta Multigrains 5Kg



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AASHIRVAAD Multigrains Atta is a unique blend of the wholesome goodness of six different grains. This high-quality blend is processed from the choicest grains, that is sourced directly from rural fields across the country. The rotis made using multigrain Atta remain soft and fluffy for longer, as the dough absorbs extra moisture while kneading. As it is a combination of different grains, the multigrain Atta has many of the essentials like proteins, vitamins, and minerals, that is needed for the human body

  • Main Ingredients – The Multigrain Atta is a unique combination of six different grains – wheat (90.9%), soya (5.2%), channa (0.5%), oat (1.4%), maize, and psyllium husk (1.1%).
  • Suitable For – The integrated properties of different grains infuse essential minerals and fibre into your meals. Hence, this Atta is a healthy choice for anyone who wants to incorporate the benefits of multigrain in the daily diet plan.
  • Usage – As the multigrain Atta is equally healthy and tasty, it can be used for making a variety of parathas, litti chokhas as well as puris and rotis.
  • Quantity – 1 kg pack of Atta easily accounts for 30-40 rotis. Thus, for a family of four, 5Kg Multigrain Atta will be sufficient to make rotis for 20-25 days approximately.

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