AKARI-PLUS Rechargeable Electronic Mosquito Killer bat M1303





About this item

  • The bat may become without high voltage or low voltage conditions when it abssorbs damp in wet weather he effect will be declined, the bat can be dried by blowing with electric blower, or shining in sunshine. The effect will be recovered soon. Children to operate under adult instruction..
  • It adopts a innovative twice speed discharge which can output 2500V in a moment, so it has best result in killing mosquitoes, flies, honey bees.
  • Electric shock proof net as it is harmless to humans, when touching the net on flat surface without feeling electric shock. It has special 3 layer net which can easily catch insect and never leak out.
  • For safety reason do not press the switch or or touch the face of net when bat is in charrge. Please do not figit with the medium -layer net. Do not wash with water as it will result in short circuit..

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